How To Get Rid Of Acne Dark Spots On Medium To Dark Skin Tone

acne dark spots before and after

Our skin is our canvas, and our aim is to create blemish-free art. 

To say that we are all merely in pursuit of clearer and even-toned skin would be an understatement.

What we really want is to look in the mirror and not be met by acne dark spots all over the place.

To walk around bare-faced without shame and feel confident in our beauty without that acne dark spots threatening to bring disgrace.

To feel truly beautiful in every way, starting first with achieving "Cover Girl" flawless skin.

Here's a familiar scenario:

  1. You've done what the skincare experts suggested.
  2. Tried all the products recommended for tested and proven results.
  3.  You even visited a dermatologist hoping to get the products best suited for your particular skin type needs.

Yet, alas, all these efforts gave no results.

You still got dark spots.

You are not even close to achieving an even-toned skin. You've already spent hundreds of dollars in skincare products than you feel comfortable to admit.

Well, you are not alone, and we've all been in that position before - struggling to find that perfect skincare routine that works for you.

But first, let's figure out why you have dark spots from acne.

Why you have acne dark spots:

First, you need to acknowledge that our skin type is different from other races.

The next step requires you to understand why people like us who are of medium to darker skin tones suffer from dark acne spots and hyperpigmentation in the first place.

The answer to that question goes a little like this:

When you get acne, your skin suffers from inflammation. Like the good defenders, our bodies work to heal this inflammation by sending a tone of melanin to the affected area.

Unfortunately, however, for persons of darker skin tones, the body sends a little too much melanin, which results in skin discoloration, known as hyperpigmentation.

Dark spots from acne are about three times darker than your normal skin tone. This makes it really visible, and it's not pretty.

But the good thing is, some products can get rid of these dark spots.


Read along.

So how can you, Melanated Queen, get rid of acne dark spots?

Let's say you, just like the average person suffers from the occasional acne infestation on your skin and particularly on your face during your period.

You know it, you should avoid popping these pimples at all cost, but you're just so disgusted by what you see when you look into the mirror you yield to the temptation and pop it.

A few days later and like clockwork, you are left to nurse yet another stubborn dark spot standing in the way between you and even-toned skin.

I know it sounds familiar, and we've all been there.

But remember, our skin type is different from people of other races, so the vast majority of the products that can supposedly remove dark spots from acne wouldn't work.


Because most of those products are made for people who have lighter/fairer skin tones. 

This means our acne affects us differently from how it affects others. We need products that:

1. Understand this


2. Use ingredients to align with our particular skin needs.

Four ingredients are proven to work on medium to dark skin tones:

1. Kojic Acid

Naturally lightens and fades dark spots, bringing you back to an even and beautiful skin tone.

2. Glycolic Acid and Papain Extract

Help the hyper-pigmented skin cells to flake off, paving the way for skincare actives to go deeper and lighten dark spots.

3. Alpha Arbutin 

Gets under your skin and naturally slows down the production of melanin. Made from bearberry plant.

4. Niacinamide

Scientifically proven to take away reduce pigmentation safely and effectively.

Speaking of products, I need to let you know that there's no such thing as an all-in-one product that can eliminate acne dark spots.

It's a process—a routine. And you may need to use more than one product at a time.

So here's what I would suggest you do:

1. You need a cleanser that's specifically formulated for dark spots.

This kojic acid soap was made for people like us who have medium to dark skin tones with dark spots from acne.

Use this soap twice a day. 

2. Remove your dead skin cells to prep your skin for enhanced penetration.

Here's one fact: skincare products (regardless of what it's for and brand) will not work if your skin is not well-exfoliated.

I'd suggest using a toner (made of glycolic and kojic acids) for this. It contains AHAs (our exfoliation partners) that can get rid of dead skin and help penetrate the actives of the other products you're using.

Use this twice a day as well but avoid sunlight. Apply sunscreen when outdoors.

3. Apply a Dark Spot Cream.

Last but most importantly, you need to apply a cream that helps fade the appearance of dark spots. 

This cream is made of plant extracts and vitamins like Bearberry and Vitamin B3 that helps lighten and even our skin tone.

Instead of buying the products individually, you can buy the kit here. 

How soon can you expect to start seeing results?

You've already gone ahead and paid your money upfront for products in the past that guaranteed results in days. Even after months of using said products, you still have no results to show for it.

Unlike other brands, we aim to be as transparent with you as possible.

So, we'll say first and foremost that our product only works if you work with it.

Consistent use is key to achieving your desired results.

You'll probably start seeing results after 8 weeks of use. However, this depends on how bad the discoloration is.

Again, consistency is the key.

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