Pure Kojic Acid Soap (Maximum Strength)


This pure kojic acid soap is formulated specifically to help fade dark spots & hyperpigmentation. The maximum-strength formula helps even skin tone with consistent use.
WARNING: This is a very strong Kojic acid soap.


Kojic acid soap benefits: 

What does Kojic acid do to the skin?

  • Fades dark spots.
  • Helps even skin tone.
  • Clears and tones the skin.
  • Makes skin brighter, smoother and glowing.
  • Pre-exfoliates the skin, which helps easier penetration of creams, serums and facial oils.
  • Gradually makes the skin fairer with daily use.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of age spots, dark inner thighs, dark butt, dark underarms, dark knees and elbows. This soap helps even skin tone in these dark spots.
  • Helps get rid of facial hyperpigmentation like acne scars.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of melasma.
  • Helps to dries acne/pimples.
  • Strong formulation that works for medium to very dark skin.
  • Works for all skin types and ethnicity.
  • 91.7% of customers who bought this kojic soap acid soap for black skin have reported significant results within 2 weeks of use.
  • Helps even skin tone in areas that are prone to darkening such as buttocks, underarms, inner thighs and bikini area.
  • Effectively makes intimate areas like butt cheeks, underarms, bikini area and inner thighs look fairer gradually.
  • Contains 99.9% natural ingredients.
  • Vegan.

How long does kojic acid soap take to work?

Please be realistic with your expectation.

This kojic soap can help your skin if you use it the right way and if you use it continuously.

If you are trying to even out your skin tone, it will take time before you see it happen.

The average time frame before seeing any significant result is between 6-12 weeks of daily use.

This kojic soap is not a magic soap. It will NOT make your skin tone fairer in a few days.

It will take time, so please be patient.

For best results:

Use Marie France Tone Perfecting Creme or Lotion. We recommend using the Tone Perfecting Crème for face and the Tone Perfecting Lotion for the body.

How is Marie France kojic acid soap different?

  • Contains high concentration of kojic acid, which works for light to very dark skin tones.
  • Real kojic acid soap for black skin.
  • Maximum-strength formula. Very strong.
  • Contains papaya fruit extract that helps boost the effects of kojic acid.
  • Made in small batches to guarantee freshness and efficacy. Kojic acid soap loses efficacy after six months and by producing the soap in small quantities, this will help make sure that it's still effective when you're ready to use it.
  • This soap doesn't contain mineral oil. Mineral oil can clog pores.
  • Ingredients are imported from Europe.
  • Formulated in the U.S.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • No animal-derived ingredients.

Kojic Acid Soap Side Effects:

This kojic soap might cause irritation for individuals with sensitive skin.

A heavy moisturizer or a 100% natural face oil (recommended) is required while using this product.

  • Your skin is going to look like it’s dry.
  • Your skin might feel tight and itchy. What to do: add more moisturizer to your skin – preferably a heavy moisturizer.
  • Your skin may look red – If your skin turns red, this is either because you leave the soap longer that the recommended time frame or you have a sensitive skin. We do not recommend this soap on individuals with sensitive skin.
  • If you have a combination skin type and experience redness while using the kojic soap, then please use the soap three times a week for no more than 15 seconds until you build tolerance to kojic acid.
  • Burning/tingling sensation – this is normal for the first week of use, however, you need to temporarily use this soap every 3 days until your skin gets used to the kojic acid. Also, do not leave the soap on for more than 15 seconds. If burning sensation persists, discontinue use permanently.
  • Breakout – breaking out the first couple of days while using the product is normal. Breaking out or getting pimples is more than likely going to happen especially if you have blackheads, whiteheads or if you’re acne-prone.

How To Use Kojic Acid Soap:


First Step:

****Always remove makeup first using a gentle facial cleanser prior to using this soap. ****

Wet skin with warm water and gently massage soap on the skin for no more than 15 seconds on your first week of use.


Avoid getting into eyes, nose or mouth.

Use this soap only once a day (preferably at night) for the first week.

Wash thoroughly with cold water.

NOTE: After the first week, you can use the soap twice a day for no more than 30 seconds.

Second Step:

Apply the Tone Perfecting Crème (for face) or Tone Perfecting Lotion (body) or any heavy moisturizer after washing your face with the kojic soap.


It is required to use a moisturizer after using the soap.

If you do not use a moisturizer after using the kojic acid soap, your skin may look and feel dry, feel itchy and tight – all because of its peeling effect.

Do not stay under the sun while using this product.


Put inside a plastic bag and keep away from the sun and the shower.

Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Not for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid sun exposure while using this product and use sunscreen when outdoors.

NEW! Ingredients: 

Virgin Coconut Oil (Saponified), Pure Kojic Acid, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lake Orange

(Note: Some online marketplaces where Marie France soap is sold still contain the previous ingredients).

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Does this have hydroquinone in it?

    No, it doesn't.

  • Hi I cant wait to use this product caan you deliver to Turkey please?

    Hello! Yes, we sure do!

  • Hi, Do you ship this to malaysia?


    Yes, we do.

  • How long does it take to work? On medium dark skin? Because I had been using the soap for about two weeks now and I see no results?

    About 6-12 weeks. All depends on your skin type.

  • How many shades lighter will this soap lighten?

    Everything depends on your skin. Unfortunately, we cannot give specifics for this question.