Kojic acid soap: does it "stop working" after awhile?

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine who uses kojic acid soap everyday.

In the middle of our conversation, she said “my soap stopped working!

I then asked her to clarify what she meant.

She said that when she first started using the kojic soap, she noticed that her skin would itch, burn and tingle.

However, after using the soap for a couple of months, she no longer feels that burning, itching and tingling feeling.

So just because she no longer feels these sensations, she came to a conclusion that the soap stopped working.

But is this really the case?

Let me explain it in details.

What happens when you first start using kojic acid on your skin?

When you first start using kojic acid in your skin, you will only feel that tingling, burning and itching feeling ONLY if you have sensitive or combination skin type.

Note that this is temporary.

However, once your skin gets used to kojic acid, you will no longer get the sensations I mentioned above.

Think about it like this:

You started going to the gym and decided that you want to lift weights.

You started lifting a 20-pound barbell.

women lifting weight

At first, you'll feel that this barbell is too heavy because your body is not used to it.

However, two weeks later, you no longer feels that this 20-pound barbell is that heavy and you can even lift it with one hand!

Why is that?

Because your body is now used to lifting that weight.

It's the same thing with kojic acid.

When you use it the first time, you will feel the tingle, burn and itch.

However, once your skin gets used to it, you will no longer feel those sensations because your skin is now used to kojic acid.

So, to answer the question....

No, kojic acid soap doesn't stop "working."

It's just that your skin is now used to kojic acid that's why you no longer feel the sensations you felt when you first started using it.

I hope this answers your question.

Please comment below or email me for any questions.



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