Dark Inner Thigh Cream

$27 USD

Summer is here! Get bikini-ready in no time with Marie France's Dark Inner Thighs Cream!

If you are:

  • Ready to wear a bikini confidently
  • Suffering from dark inner thighs due to chafing or friction (due to not having a thigh gap) or ingrown scars
  • Looking fade the dark spots in your inner thighs
  • Then this cream is for you.

    What is this product?

    This cream is specifically formulated to get rid of dark spots on inner thighs. It helps fade the appearance of uneven skin tone, which results in an even-toned inner thigh area to get you bikini-ready fast!

    • Helps get rid of dark spots on inner thighs with daily, CONSISTENT use.
    • Contain glycolic and azelaic acids that helps even skin tone in the inner thigh area.
    • Has an exfoliating effect to get rid of bumps/acne in the inner thighs including ingrown scars.

      Who should not use this cream?

      • Pregnant or lactating women
      • People with broken/irritated skin

      How to use the dark inner thighs cream:

      Before using this cream, please make sure that the area is hairless. You must wait 48 hours after shaving to use this product.

      1. Thoroughly wash the area (use a kojic acid soap).

      2. Make sure that the area was exfoliated (use any body scrub but a scrub like this would provide better results).

      3. Apply a thin layer of the cream in the inner thighs. 

      When will you see results:

      Although this depends on your skin type, you should see results within approximately 6-8 weeks of consistent usage (assuming you're using the kojic soap + body scrub + this cream together.)

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