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Natural Melasma Treatment

This facial set is specifically formulated to help get rid of melasma on face. It's 100% natural and doesn't contain hydroquinone.

What is this product?

  • A natural melasma remover set that contains plant-based actives like papaya fruit extract, bearberry extract, salicylic acid and kojic acid that's specifically formulated to remove discoloration and even skin tone.

  • These products are made specifically to help fade melasma discoloration on upper lips (mustache), cheeks and forehead.

  • Contains natural ingredients and can be used to get rid of "pregnancy melasma."**

  • Made for women, 20-45 with light to medium skin tones.

  • NO hydroquinone. NO chemicals. NO bad stuff.

  • NO steroids.

  • 100% natural and plant-based.

  • Vegan.

** Note that you should still consult your OB if you're pregnant or lactating before using this product.

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